Quarterly Newsletter December, 2017
From the Desk of Ron Bills

As 2016 draws to a close, I am excited to report on the progress we have made this year. Envirofit continues to be the industry leader in cookstoves because of our commitment to our customers and the hard work of our employees and partners around the world. Our commitment to our customers was increased this year with the addition of the Envirofit SMAAART 360™ Customer Care Program. Along with making the best affordable, high quality stoves, we are now are the first 
cookstove company to provide the people who use them with comprehensive, continued support. By doing this we are driving adoption by deepening our relationship with customers, and ensuring that they are using their stoves and are happy with them.

The results of the SMAAART 360™ Customer Care Program have been extraordinary. After 6 months of surveying over 75,000 people across Honduras, our Customer Care team learned that 97% of families were using their stove everyday. In addition, 90% of families reported saving money on fuel, with 73% reporting fuel savings of $10-45 a month. This program will also make it possible to do the first ever large scale impact study on cookstoves in 2017 in partnership with Berkley Air Monitoring Group.

This year also saw growth in new markets and the debut of a newest stove model. We opened a new office and began operations in Peru in August. There, our team is working with GIZ, ENDEV, IICA and other organizations to bring household and commercial clean cookstoves to rural communities. We continued to innovate new products for institutional and commercial cooking with the launch of the newest stove in our Professional line, the SaverPro 50 Wood Stove. The SaverPro 50 efficiently feeds up to 120 people and is designed for schools and small businesses. In addition, we are happy to see expanded distribution of the SuperSaver Charcoal Stove in East and West Africa due to increased popular demand. Please view or download our full 2017 product catalog

2017 promises to be an exciting year of growth and evolution for Envirofit as we strive to bring clean cooking to more people with our SMAAART 360™ Program. The three A’s stand for the guiding principle of our products being Affordable, Accessible and Adoptable for those who need them. Next year we plan to expand our Customer Care services to provide more support to our customers and increase adoption across the globe. We are investing in new technology development to increase access to Tier 4 cooking solutions that households want to adopt, and developing new financing options to make clean cooking affordable for more customers at the last mile. You can follow our progress at our new media center on our website.

On behalf of the global Envirofit team, we thank you for your support as we continue on this journey. We wish you a happy holiday and look forward to working with you in the New Year.


Adapting to Consumer Needs in Times of Crisis - working with rural customers amid India’s demonetization campaign. 
On November 8th, the Indian government surprised their country and the world by declaring their most heavily used banknotes, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, invalid with immediate effect. As a company that works with rural customers, demonetization directly impacts the very people whose lives we strive to improve. With the current lack of physical currency notes, many of our MFI’s partners have tried to help by extending the flexibility in repayments. it got us thinking about what we could do during this period of change…

The SuperSaver Charcoal stove turns heads in DRC
I brought the Envirofit SuperSaver Charcoal stove to Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to collect customer feedback, and to show local stove manufacturers a product whose finishing, quality and pricing they could aspire to...
Cooking with Chef Ali in Kenya
This month we launched our new #EnvirofitSuperChef social media campaign in Kenya. Follow Envirofit Kenya on facebook to learn new recipes that you can cook with the SuperSaver Charcoal stove.
New Envirofit Ghana Facebook Page
Do you live or work in Ghana? Join the new Envirofit Ghana Facebook Page to learn about our local activities and how you can get involved.
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Latin America

Envirofit Honduras to Conduct Large Scale Impact Study On Clean Cookstoves
Envirofit is partnering with Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, to conduct a comprehensive, large-scale study on the impact of cookstoves in Honduran households. This study is a unique opportunity for the clean energy sector because it will provide information on clean cookstove adoption for thousands of households and directly monitor changes in indoor air pollution with clean cookstove use...
Envirofit Mexico supports victims of Storm Earl with clean cookstoves
Heavy rains from the storm triggered landslides in the mountains of the northern state of Puebla, near Mexico’s Gulf coast, which caused at least 33 deaths and left nearly two thousand people homeless. An entire hillside collapsed near Huauchinango, sweeping down on the nearby village...
Envirofit Mexico Implements SMAAART 360 Program with 
Chihuahua Government
In 2016, Envirofit implemented a pilot test in Sierra Tarahumara to improve the lives of seven Rarámuri communities, through the adoption of Clean Cooking practices. By applying the SMAAART 360 program, Envirofit team ensured the "Ecofogón Saver" installation in 400 households, improving the lives of more than 1,500 people.
Envirofit Opens New Office in Peru
Roughly 10.8 million people in Peru are affected by Household Air Pollution. Compounding this issue is reduced access to forests that communities rely on for fuel as more trees are cut down for heating and cooking. Because of this, smart energy products like Envirofit cookstoves have resonated with households who still use traditional cooking methods. Envirofit is working on parallel projects in two different regions with the FASERT program to establish distribution channels and commercial sales partners…

New SMAAART™ Carbon Offsetting Program Enables Companies to Support Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets
A new corporate carbon offsetting program links carbon credit buyers to social entrepreneurs in the developing world to build local capacity, develop local markets, and create jobs....
Envirofit launches new SaverPro 50 Wood Stove
Envirofit Launches new SaverPro 50 Professional Wood Stove. Designed for schools and small businesses, the Saver Pro 50 is available with both a cooking griddle and 50 liter sunken pot to quickly cook, grill or fry for up to 150 people.
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