Envirofit International Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2017
From the Desk of Ron Bills

Dear , 
At Envirofit, serving our customers is a foundational value of our company. By working hard to ensure customer satisfaction our 2017 growth continues to follow suit with our record breaking year in 2016, as we help more and more people access smart clean-cooking solutions around the globe.

Check out our 2-minute video to see the faces of our customers and the exciting work we are doing to serve them. Give us your feedback as you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

A lot is going on in our business units across the globe - our new SuperSaver Charcoal stove has quickly become the most popular stove throughout our markets in Africa. Across Mexico, Peru and West Africa we are opening new Envirofit Customer Care Centers, offering an unprecedented commitment to after-sales service that will ensure customers are consistently using our products and are satisfied with them (read more in my latest article on customer service in the World Economic Forum blog). Our Women’s Empowerment Programs are succeeding in India and Kenya. In Honduras, the stoves program will continue to grow in 2017 in partnership with President Juan Orlando Hernández and the Vida Mejor program.

We are also seeing the launch of a Health Exposure Study in partnership with Berkeley Air Monitoring Group. This study will measure the benefits of reduced exposure to toxic emissions for users of the Envirofit stoves compared to traditional cooking. This study will also comply with the Gold Standard Foundation’s recently approved methodology for measuring Averted Disability-Adjusted Life Years (aDALYs). This means that we will be able to quantify the healthy years and lives saved by use of the stoves. This is the first time that the Gold Standard methodology will be applied to a project of this scale.

In addition, we have some exciting news for 2017. This year we will begin pilots and commercialization of our SmartGas™ LPG technology that will enable access to clean energy LPG fuel on a daily “pay as you cook” basis using mobile money and our OnDemand LPG Valve™. This marks the beginning of the next phase in Envirofit’s evolution to make clean energy cooking affordable, accessible, and adoptable. Using the same rigorous market analysis, product development, and engineering expertise that produced the best-selling biomass stoves in the world, Envirofit has spent the last few years working to understand how to make LPG affordable and accessible to people everywhere who are climbing the energy ladder. Envirofit’s new SmartGas™ LPG technology and delivery service will enable customers around the world to use LPG on a pay-as-you-cook basis.

Envirofit SmartGas™ is a total LPG solution that delivers safe, reliable, and affordable LPG. Through Envirofit's GPS enabled OnDemand LPG Valve™, families will be able to use their phones to pre-pay for gas as needed. This activates the OnDemand LPG Valve™ to supply the purchased amount of gas, and sends a notification to customers before the valve turns off. The OnDemand LPG Valve™ also alerts Envirofit’s 360 Customer Care Center to automatically schedule the next delivery before the customer runs out of gas, making LPG accessible and reliable. Envirofit will begin SmartGas™ LPG pilots this year in East Africa and West Africa, and scale the technology and home-delivery service globally over the next three years.

We want to support people no matter where they’re at or how they cook with affordable, clean cooking solutions. Envirofit’s best-selling wood and charcoal stoves will continue to evolve and improve for our customers who use them, and now with the addition of SmartGas™ LPG we can offer even more affordable clean cooking options to families around the world. 

Contact us on how you can be a part of the revolution to make clean cooking fuels and technology affordable and accessible.

              Ron Bills 
              CEO & Chairman of the Board
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