Quarterly Newsletter - Fall 2018
From the Desk of Ron Bills

Dear Jessica,

It’s with tremendous pride and gratitude to everyone involved that I’m able to report the first ever commercial launch of Envirofit's SmartGas Pay-As-You-Cook™ LPG technology, revolutionizing the clean cooking industry. We have had an incredible and enthusiastic customer response so far, with SmartGas sales doubling every month since our launch in July.

As I write this, households throughout Nairobi are using our Pay-As-You-Cook LPG service to safely and easily feed their families. SmartGas uses IoT and mobile technology to provide LPG at a cost 62% less than charcoal. For the first time, households can cook the way they want to, when they want to with the confidence they won’t run out of fuel thanks to this affordable, reliable household energy innovation. Get a sneak-peek of the SmartGas launch to hear our customers' stories and see how this revolutionary technology is already changing lives ahead of our scale-up across Kenya and beyond in 2019.

We had the chance to share the amazing progress SmartGas has made at the 2018 WPLGA Forum in Houston, Texas.
Jessica Alderman named runner-up in WLPGA Woman of the Year Award.
Jessica Alderman, our Director of Communications and PR, was recognized by the WLPGA and Women in LPG for her efforts to make LPG safer and more accessible by being named runner-up for the inaugural LPG Woman of the Year award. Envirofit also set ourselves apart by helping other attendees offset their carbon footprint for traveling to the event.

Envirofit India has created an estimated $500 Million USD in socioeconomic benefits via the issuance of over 1 million Gold Standard Verified Emissions Reduction (VER) carbon credits. Our cookstoves make the carbon reduction projects they’re attached to attractive for both voluntary and compliance carbon programs by offsetting CO2 year after year thanks to their unparalleled durability. With each stove delivering over $500 USD per year in socioeconomic benefits, the combined total of their impact is truly incredible. We also spoke with Waste Management about why they chose Envirofit carbon credits to make the most popular event on the PGA tour, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, carbon neutral.

Our team in Mexico completed the successful distribution of 20,000 stoves to the people of Veracruz, MX and surrounding states in partnership with SEDESOL. Watch our Veracruz program video to see the impressive efforts our team undertook to deliver Envirofit Ecofogon plancha stoves to many remote locations throughout the area in order to ensure the project was completed right. Envirofit was chosen as a program partner because our stoves reduce Household Air Pollution to below WHO levels.

Envirofit works around the world as the largest provider of clean cooking solutions, and we strive to share our lessons learned with the greater community. We are happy to have been recognized by the World Economic Forum and Business Call to Action, who shared our thoughts on LPG as a viable solution to Household Air Pollution and how IoT enabled systems like SmartGas are changing the future of energy use. We also authored a piece for Guardian Labs on how social enterprise can best empower women living in emerging markets which challenges many assumptions on what empowerment means while focusing on what is needed to help women succeed.

As we begin to scale our programs around the world, our passion for our mission to create energy access for those who need it is renewed, and it’s only possible with the hard work and support from you – our valued partners, funders and employees.

              Ron Bills 
              CEO & Chairman of the Board
East Africa

Get a sneak-peek at the launch of SmartGas
Envirofit SmartGas is the first ever Pay-As-You-Cook™ LPG service that lets households in energy poverty cook when they want to with modern household energy. See how the ability to use as much or as little LPG as you need, when you need it without the fear of running out is changing customers' lives.
Latin America

Envirofit Mexico and SEDESOL bring clean cooking to Veracruz, MX
In 2018 the Secretary of Social Development in Veracruz (SEDESOL) partnered with Envirofit Mexico to help the state's poorest communities while reducing deforestation and Household Air Pollution with Envirofit cookstoves. Delivering the stoves meant crossing mountains and rivers, but our team completed the project in record time and have improved the lives of over 20,000 households in and around Veracruz.

Ron Bills in Business Call to Action - The Future of Household Energy in Emerging Markets Will Be Safe, Convenient and Online

How did you cook your breakfast this morning? If you’re one of the roughly 3 billion people worldwide who live in energy poverty, it was over an open fire or a pile of lit charcoal inside a rudimentary stove. Cooking this way is inefficient, wasting up to 90% of the heat from combustion. It is also dangerous, affecting vision, causing heart and lung disease and ultimately shortened lives. Almost half the world’s population still cooks this way because they need to eat and don’t have other options, but thankfully progress is being made.
Jessica Alderman in Guardian Labs - Why we should rethink how to empower women in emerging markets
Lisa Charity Mwangi, 34, is a small business owner in Nairobi, Kenya. She wakes up early to get her kids off to school and then heads to her shop, a small roadside stand filled with cheap, nameless household goods and a few branded items too, some durable goods such as solar lanterns, improved cookstoves and other small appliances. She lost her job in the hospitality industry in 2008, and has been unable to find another, so her income depends on what she sells that day. Next to her are 30 other shops just like hers.
Ron Bills in World Economic Forum on the viability of LPG to combat Household Air Pollution
Just recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed how many lives are impacted by air pollution. Nine out of 10 people on this planet breathe air with high levels of pollutants, resulting in seven million deaths every year. This makes air pollution our biggest environmental health risk. As the world continues to urbanize, emergent middle-class populations in China, India and elsewhere are putting new strains on our global energy resources. Easy access to energy is often the measuring stick for societal advancement.

Envirofit India Creates Over $500 Million in Socioeconomic Benefit via Carbon Credits
Envirofit India has surpassed 1 million tonnes of CO2 reduced, demonstrated via the issuance of Gold Standard carbon credits; Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs). This milestone was certified by Gold Standard Foundation, a respected international carbon standards and certification group – and made possible by durable, high-quality Envirofit stoves that households use year after year. Envirofit can issue VERs over many years because their CO2 reductions, generated when households use their stoves, have been independently verified.
Businesses Chose Envirofit Carbon Credits to Offset Carbon and Reduce Global Energy Poverty
People who purchase carbon credits from Envirofit say they do so because in addition to offsetting carbon emissions the credits also reduce global energy poverty. While other carbon credits are internationally certified, Envirofit carbon credits have the added benefit of helping establish new markets in areas of energy poverty, a key differentiator. Envirofit carbon credits have been sold to carbon conscious individuals and large companies alike. Many individual credit sales go to groups like The Himalayan Stove Project, a stove distributor who brings modern cookstoves to low-income families in Nepal. Companies who have purchased Envirofit carbon credits include Indian tech giant Infosys and Waste Management.
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