Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2017
From the Desk of Ron Bills

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2018 promises to be an exciting year for the cookstove industry. The needs of families living in emerging markets are changing, and we’re able to meet them with cooking solutions that match their habits and consumer patterns better than ever. The success of these efforts can be measured in households reached, and in Q3 of 2017 we achieved an industry leading 1.5 million biomass cookstoves sold, impacting over 7.5 million people around the world. We also surpassed a major milestone of 1 million carbon credits sold (both Verified Emission Reduction and Certified Emission Reduction credits), which shows that our cookstoves are doing real, measurable good for the environment.

Being the industry leader means that our work doesn’t end with the sale, and Envirofit has innovated new services and programs to keep customers happy and adoption high. We have developed customer care teams that offer aftersales service in Kenya, Ghana, Honduras, Mexico and India. We have explored new targeted marketing campaigns through a cooking competition in India. In Ghana and Kenya we used social media to create a community of 40,000 people who are engaged in the conversation about clean cooking. We have developed a global supply chain that can swiftly deliver stoves to respond to emergencies like the earthquake in Mexico.

Our Women’s empowerment programs continue to increase cookstove sales and adoption. In October, we shared our lessons learned from five years of innovation across our Women’s Empowerment Programs, which we presented at the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves 2017 Clean Cooking Forum in India.

2018 will be a year of groundbreaking innovation and committed service. I look forward to attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January, with the goal of bringing greater visibility to the clean cookstove sector. Envirofit’s new SmartGas program is off to a good start, servicing customers in Kenya and Ghana, and will reach thousands of homes throughout next year. Helping consumers transition up the energy ladder will take more than providing an LPG connection. It takes the power of nanofiance to change how people think about the role of household energy. It takes new technology to make $.50 worth of LPG available at the push of a button. And it takes you: our dedicated team of investors, innovators, and partners who won’t stop until every household has a clean cooking technology solution.

From the entire Envirofit team we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Stay tuned in the Spring for the latest developments!

              Ron Bills 
              CEO & Chairman of the Board
Envirofit India Holds Cooking Competition to Promote Clean Cooking
50 women participated in the ‘Maan Sugaran’ cooking competition in rural Maharashtra. Intended as a pilot, the competition was a way to bring users of our clean cookstove, the SuperSaver SPANDAN, out into the open to show community support and recognition for the benefits and regular use of our flagship product.
See Swati's Story - CSR Success in India
As India grows, ensuring families like Swati’s have access to clean, efficient energy is a challenge for the country, and an opportunity for CSR programs. With the Envirofit SuperSaver SPANDAN, Swati and her family breathe less smoke and spend less time chopping wood. Watch Swati's story on YouTube and see how Envirofit cookstoves address 10 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Latin America

Envirofit Mexico Helps in Earthquake Relief
Envirofit Mexico joined earthquake relief efforts when a convoy of employees left Mexico City heading to Ticumán, a small town in the municipality of Tlaltizapan, one of the towns close to the September 19th earthquake epicenter. Hundreds of families in Ticumán lost their homes entirely, and were living on the streets with what little they could salvage. These families were cooking with what wood was locally available, and to assist them in recovery Envirofit Mexico donated a significant number of wood and charcoal stoves.

Growing a Cookstove Market in Nigeria
Envirofit has been working in Nigeria since 2012 and to date has reached over 250,000 people by manufacturing, distributing and selling the country’s highest performing line of cookstoves. We spoke with our Country Director, Biodun Olaore, about the challenges and successes of the last 5 years and how Envirofit Nigeria has improved the lives of their employees and customers.
Stove Stacking in Ghana - Problem or Challenge?
While doing market research in Ghana for our SmartGas LPG program we spoke with families about stove stacking, the practice of using different combinations of old and new technology at the same time, in this case charcoal cookstoves and LPG. They told us why they continue to do this and the purpose it serves for them in this interesting look at cooking, culture and the interplay between them.

Nanofinance – Bringing the Bank to the Kitchen
It’s been almost 12 years since Muhammud Yunus and Grameen Bank won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts to create economic and social development from below" through microfinance.  In the last few years, the widespread introduction of mobile money has helped lower or eliminate transaction costs, and has incentivized entrepreneurs to court previously underserved markets. This democratization of access began with solar lighting, and has expanded to LPG cooking with Envirofit’s new SmartGas service. By allowing customers to borrow smaller sums and eschew rigid repayment schedules, the advent of nanofinance opens more possibilities for reaching the underserved than ever before.
Governments and Corporations Offset 1 Million Carbon Credits with Envirofit Clean Cookstoves
Envirofit International has surpassed 1 million carbon credits sold. As the global leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of technologically advanced, biomass cookstoves, Envirofit uses the proceeds from the sale of carbon credits to provide a boost to small scale clean cookstove enterprises with training, marketing and sales support. This support helps increase energy access for people in the developing world living in energy poverty.
5 Years of Our Women's Empowerment Program
Over the last 5 years, Envirofit’s Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP) has helped transform the lives of many hundreds of women. The program is designed to increase self-knowledge and guide women to develop an actionable growth strategy towards achieving personal goals. Women who complete the program say that it has changed how they see their role in their family and their community, and given them the professional and sales skills to sell three times as many stoves as men.

To mark the program’s fifth year in action, Envirofit has collected lessons learned while conducting the WEP around the world.

Envirofit Speaks at the Clean Cooking Forum 2017
Envirofit Director of Communications and PR, Jessica Alderman, spoke at Clean Cooking Forum 2017 during the Addressing Affordability, and Media & Storytelling sessions. The forum was hosted by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves this October in New Delhi. Jessica shared about how behavior change communication can be strengthened by working with local influencers, like our work with Chef Ali Mandhry in Kenya, and on Envirofit's plans for adding LPG to our range of cookstoves and other household energy solutions.
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