Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2018
From the Desk of Ron Bills

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Greetings from Portugal! I am representing Envirofit and speaking as a voice for clean cooking at the 2018 SE4ALL Summit in Lisbon.

The early results from our SmartGas™ pilot are in and the feedback from our customers so far has been amazing. Over the last 6 months we piloted the first few hundred SmartGas units in neighborhoods in Nairobi, Kenya and Accra, Ghana. During initial canvasing we spoke with current LPG users and dedicated charcoal users from over 1,000 households and 100% of people we spoke with were interested in the SmartGas service, with 80% willing to sign up on the spot.

After 5 months of using Envirofit SmartGas, 99% of families reported that they would recommend it to friends and family. 97% expressed a desire to continue using the product post-pilot, stating it was convenient, saved money, saved time, and was safe to use. Results like this demonstrate that the usability and convenience of Envirofit’s Pay-As-You-Cook™ technology drives high rates of adoption, helping to make the case for LPG as an affordable, clean fuel (link to story). Learn more about the impressive capabilities of the SmartGas system in our story on nanofinance published in the World Economic Forum blog.

Cookstove sales have continued to flourish as Envirofit recently surpassed 1.6 million cookstoves sold, positively impacting over 8 million people. The first quarter has been our most successful Q1 on record – in fact we tripled our business performance over Q1 of 2017. Learn more in Envirofit’s latest 2018 product and services catalog.

The first quarter of 2018 has also seen Envirofit forge new partnerships and broaden existing ones to strengthen our biomass cookstove sales and distribution. In Kenya we’ve teamed up with wPOWERHub to help advocate for women’s empowerment in household energy. We’ve also increased the spotlight on the great work we’re doing in Honduras. Our partnership with the Honduran government’s FUNDEIH organization has put over 240,000 plancha stoves into homes throughout the country that reduce deforestation and lower exposure to Household Air Pollution. See our new webpage that highlights our efforts there over the last 6 years and counting.

Q2 is off to a great start and we are hard at work preparing for the June launch of the Envirofit SmartGas™ Business. Stay tuned for stories from the front of the revolution as we introduce the world’s first Pay-As-You-Cook™ service to an even larger audience.

Our ability to bring cutting edge technology to modernize kitchens and transform lives is unparalleled and continues to grow thanks to support from our investors and the diligent work of our partners at the last mile.
              Ron Bills 
              CEO & Chairman of the Board
East Africa

A Clean Start – LPG Adoption in Suburban Kenya
The trade-off between reliability, cost and convenience was one that Cecilia was used to making until she became an Envirofit SmartGas™ Customer. Envirofit’s SmartGas service is a new technology that allows consumers to pay for gas in daily increments. The service also includes door-to door delivery service to bring LPG safely and conveniently into the household. Cecilia received her first SmartGas delivery in December 2017, and has enjoyed the service for the flexibility it gives her when cooking, and for the experience it provides her.
Latin America

Envirofit Mexico Takes to the Airwaves to Tell Their Story
Emilio Rivero, Envirofit Mexico's Director General, has been a fixture on news programs across the country telling TV audiences how the Ecofogón Ahorrador is helping households throughout Latin America. With his trademark charisma and passion for helping families cook safer, Emilio has been on
Green TV, Efekto TV with Elsa "La Jaiba" Rentería, Es Negcios with Carlos Mota and more. Visit Envirofit Mexico's Facebook page to see all of Emilio's TV appearances and their latest work helping families in energy poverty live smarter.


Is LPG Really A Dirty Word?
Given the option, almost every person who cooks with biomass would use LPG if they could, and for same reasons it’s used elsewhere. LPG is a cookfire at the click of a button – it is faster, easier and cleaner.99% of  SmartGas pilot customers reported that they would recommend it to friends and family, and 97% expressed a desire to continue using the product post-pilot. However, because it is derived from petroleum, many environmentally focused funding programs immediately disregard LPG cooking solutions. But what if LPG wasn’t a dirty word, and restricting funding for LPG projects is halting the development of clean cooking?
Ron Bills in World Economic Forum on SmartGas and the advent of Nanofinance
This article written by Ron Bills – Envirofit International CEO & Chairman of the Board – was originally published on our blog in December 2017, and has been republished by The World Economic Forum on their blog, Agenda.

It’s been almost 12 years since Muhammud Yunus and Grameen Bank won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts to create economic and social development from below" through microfinance.  In the last few years, the widespread introduction of mobile money has helped lower or eliminate transaction costs, and has incentivized entrepreneurs to court previously underserved markets.

Communities of Change – When Clean Cookstoves Save Trees
Monarch butterflies and the sounds of bees and birds fill the air as we walk along tree-lined village roads to Kharkhardi. The area is peaceful and green, untouched by the chaos of city noise or air pollution. What makes this remarkable is that a scant four years ago it lay barren and infertile. Back then, the local villagers accepted the parched landscape because they lacked the resources and agricultural knowledge to rehabilitate it. The story of Kharkhardi’s turnaround, and Envirofit’s presence there is because of one man.
Product Spotlight - How the PCS-12 Feeds Thousands of Students in India
In 2017 the Indian government provided food to 1.14 million schools as part of the Mid Day Meal Scheme - a state funded school lunch program - but left cooking it up to them. 63% of these schools cook with firewood, often on outdated, inefficient cookstoves. In response to this need, school kitchens throughout India have purchased Envirofit India’s PCS-12 Aghanya. The PCS-12 is a forced draft, institutional stove that saves schools up to 80% on fuel costs and can economically feed up to 400 people at a time.
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